Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows is a leading designer and manufacturer of precision engineered metallic bellows for industrial fluid control and aerospace applications, with innovative products that include both bellows and non-bellows sealed flexible joints and duct components for aircraft ducting systems and power plant applications. Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows has been established in the design and manufacture of metallic bellows and precision engineered sheet metal components in stainless steels, Nickel alloys, Aluminium and Titanium for over thirty years.  Bird Bellows products are integral to the pneumatic systems of all Airbus and many other aircraft programs.

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows is a wholly owned subsidiary of Senior PLC, a UK based international manufacturing group with a sound financial basis and quoted on the LSE as one of the FTSE250. The Group has 6,614 employees in 31 operations across 13 countries, with total annual sales in excess of £775M ($1,278M). Structured into 2 main divisions, Aerospace and Flexonics, the Group companies are engineering solutions providers for the aerospace, defense, land vehicle, and energy markets. More information on Senior PLC and the Group operations can be found at