Testing & qualification

Ensuring the safety and competence of all our products

Our unique facility enables us to perform extensive testing and qualification of new products and components which have been designed and manufactured at Senior Bird Bellows.

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Testing facility

Fully equipped, purpose-built testing facility

Our onsite testing and qualification facility is highly adaptable to ensure maximum performance of all our products. Our leading technology enables us to provide extensive testing across all products designed and manufactured at Senior Bird Bellows, meeting the demand for application conditions during product qualification.

environmental testing

Safely simulating climatic conditions and mechanical stress at exteme levels

Environmental testing is carried out to ensure that components will perform satisfactorily in service, the degree of testing being determined by the class of equipment and the performance testing required.

A typical test regime for duct equipment and bellows-sealed components may include; cyclic fatigue testing, icing test or ultimate proof pressure test, all conducted on-site in our facility.

In-house testing capabilities

Our on-site testing facilities include the comprehensive replication of aircraft operational environment and rigorous environmental testing to ensure maximum performance, as well as:

  • Endurance at elevated temperature
  • Cyclic fatigue
  • Proof/burst and rupture
  • 24/7 cycle testing
  • High temperature and pressure
  • Subzero and icing
  • Helium leak detection
  • Radiography
  • Dye penetrant
  • Air under water
  • Mass spectrometer leak detection
  • Three-axis measuring resource
Clear communication

Each project begins with a test readiness review followed by an in-depth discussion to ensure the scope of testing is clear, and that any safety considerations are addressed.

Once a test is complete, it is digitally documented and compiled into a thorough qualification test report which is shared with our clients in its entirety.