Ducting Solutions


leader in the design and manufacture of ducting solutions

Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows is a leader in the design and manufacture of metallic bellows, flexible joints, duct external support rings and fittings, and complete ducting systems for the aerospace and fluid control industries.

Our materials experience includes CRES, high temperature nickel alloys, titanium, and aluminium. Ducts are supplied complete with insulation if specified.

Typical applications for high pressure / high temperature ducts include:

sbEngine bleed air

sbEngine build up (EBU)

sbEnvironmental control system (ECS)

sbAir start/ground start

sbAPU air intake/exhaust

sbAnti-ice systems including piccolo ducts and telescope ducts

sbFlexible cable conduit

sbSingle and double wall fuel ducts

sbEngine drain bellows

sbEngine nacelle ducts

sbEngine test ducts