HSE Commitments


Health, Safety and Environmental policy – at the heart of the business

1. Environmental Health and Safety Management Systems
As a part of the Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows’ continuous strive to surpass customer and Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows’ expectations, the Environmental Health and Safety Management system plays a key role in ensuring that success. Scope of our Environmental Health and Safety Management‘s policies and plans executed at their facility can be seen on the diagram.

1.1 Environmental Health and Safety Responsibilities
By having a properly integrated Environmental Health and Safety team, Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows is capable of not only ensuring the quality of the products it produces but also upholding approved ISO 14001:2004 policies such as:

• Maintain the safety of the employees manufacturing the part
• Ensure environmental regulations are enforced
• Ensure that the products manufactured meet the government and commercial policies

In order to ensure that the Environmental Health and Safety regulations instilled through government and commercial documents are carried out through the facility and its programs, Senior Aerospace Bird Bellows utilises an Environmental Management Representative to:

• Identify relevant environmental issues per program
• Planning and executing corrective and preventative actions to mitigate non-conformances and non-compliances
• Verify the close-out and effectiveness of corrective and preventative actions.