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Bleed Air Systems

Bleed air systems feature a network of components that take air at high pressure from the aircraft engine to pressurise and condition various locations within the aircraft. Senior Bird Bellows deliver across all duct system solutions, including flexible elements and thermal insulation, covering the full range of bleed air temperatures and pressures typically required for bleed air systems.

Product information

We offer the full range of bleed air systems for Aerospace applications, providing parts for the entire spectrum of civil aircraft, from regional planes to long haul twin aisle. We also supply parts for business jets, helicopters and military platforms.

Following the development of several bespoke solutions, Senior Bird Bellows are proud to offer a complete solution for bleed air ducting systems, including a number of Airbus standard parts.

Key product features

  • Providing pressurisation, air conditioning, engine start and anti-ice systems for wing, tail and engine
  • Material selection includes; nickel alloys, titanium and stainless steel
  • We cover the range of temperatures and pressures typically required for bleed air systems

The development process commences with top level system requirements and system analysis, leading to concept routing and further analysis, before details, qualification and production supply. The full manufacturing operation and majority of processes are completed in-house, including welding and CNC tube bending. We utilise CATIA v5 and Autodesk Inventor for 3D modelling, and ANSYS software for analysis.

All systems and components are put through a rigorous qualification programme to ensure the design meets operational and environmental requirements. These typically include pressure, temperature, endurance, vibration, fluids resistance, humidity, sand and dust, and salt fog. Our comprehensive internal test facility, coupled with strong relationships with a number of test houses, allows us to manage the complete qualification process.

Senior Bird Bellows are renowned for our solution-focused approach and ability to deliver across all bespoke requirements. We have found many solutions for the challenges presented by flexible elements; by taking view of the whole system, we can use our knowledge and experience to recommend the best type and where they should be fitted.

The more involved we are in the process, the more we can utilise our knowledge and experience to optimise the design. This in turn has a positive impact on weight, cost and efficiency.

  • Rolls Royce SABRe
  • Airbus
  • Embraer
  • BAE Systems
  • Leonardo
  • Bell
  • GKN
  • Dresser
  • Honeywell
  • Baker Hughes
  • Part 21 Subpart G Production Approval – UK CAA
  • AS9100 Rev D Quality Systems Aerospace – BSI
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001 2015 Environmental Management System- BSI
  • Nadcap AS7114 Non Destructive Testing – PRI
  • Nadcap AS7110 Welding – PRI

Senior Bird Bellows have adapted a gated New Product Introduction Process, which is based on AS9145. Many OEMs are now beginning to use this process.

Our Capabilities

We design innovative, cost-effective engineering solutions, specialising in the design of bellows, bellows assemblies, gimbal bellows, flexible joints and aerospace bleed air ducting systems. Our team of experienced engineers cover all parts of the process, from system analysis and concept to detail, qualification and production supply. This enables us to fully optimise the design of the system, using our extensive knowledge and experience to maximise efficiency and minimise weight and cost.

With a production area of 60,000 square feet, our dedicated team of experienced engineers have access to leading technology and resources to create a range of high quality, high performing products to operate in extreme environments and applications. Our fully equipped site houses a wide range of production machinery including; a CNC tube bender, various CNC lathes and machine centres, and robotic spot welding and polishing. Furthermore, our new production process based on AS9145 means we can offer high standard products that are producible and repeatable in a timely manner.

Our thorough material selection process ensures maximum efficiency and safety is achieved for every application. Our scope of materials include: stainless steel, nickel alloys, Hastelloy®, Incoloy® 825, Monel® 400 and titanium Gr.2. The specific selection is based on the requirements of the part and the environment it’ll be based in, including the pressure and temperature levels it will undergo. It is imperative that the right materials are selected for each project, as parts failure is simply not an option.

Our on-site testing and qualification facility is purpose-built and highly adaptable to ensure maximum performance of all our products. Our leading technology enables us to provide extensive testing across all products, meeting the demand for application conditions during product qualification. Typical tests include: endurance at elevated temperature, cyclic fatigue, proof/burst and rupture, 24/7 cycle testing, high temperature and pressure, subzero and icing, helium leak detection, radiography, dye penetrant, air under water, mass spectrometer leak detection and three-axis measuring resource.

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