Capturing the demanding envelope of application conditions during product qualification


Our development and product testing facilities are among the best available. Sophisticated analysis and design practices include:

  • Finite-element analysis (Ansys)
  • Stress analysis
  • Motion and load analysis
  • Flow and pressure drop analysis
  • Modal testing
  • Insulation and heat transfer analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • CATIA Version 5
  • 3D Modelling
  • EDI capability
  • Inventor



Environmental testing is carried out to ensure that components will perform satisfactorily in service, the degree of testing being determined by the class of equipment and the performance testing required. A typical test regime for duct equipment and bellows-sealed components may include:

  • Cyclic fatigue testing at cryogenic, ambient or elevated temperature
  • Pressure pulse testing at ambient or elevated temperature
  • Operational shock and vibration testing
  • Susceptibility to fluids including salt spray
  • Fire testing
  • Ultimate proof pressure test