Culture of quality

Where quality extends beyond the bounds of function

Senior Bird Bellows has a worldwide reputation for quality, something that is evident throughout our product lifecycle, from initial customer engagement on concept design through our manufacturing engineering and production processes to qualification and delivery.

quality standards

Our reputation for quality and trust defines us

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and are proud to operate in highly regulated markets which benefit from our high level of expertise and approvals. We place great emphasis upon understanding the customer requirements and the application to ensure every project is delivered to the highest standards.

Our culture of quality and continual improvement is reflected in our Zero Defect goals, which continue to improve year on year. We have fully adopted APQP/PPAP in compliance with AS9145 for our New Product Introduction Processes.

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quality assurance

Our quality assurance team allow only perfection

Quality Assurance is a fundamental part of our business, with proven systems having been in place since the company was launched.

We continually adapt and improve our Quality System to satisfy emerging requirements. We have also incorporated AS13100, which has further strengthened our compliance with respect to Human Factors considerations.


Quality assurnace systems

Established systems which continuously challenge our standard of perfection

Our systems include:

  • Internal audits
  • Process performance monitoring / improvement
  • Investigation / RCCA
  • Supplier assurance
  • Risk management
  • Continual improvement (Lean)
  • Metallurgical laboratory
  • 2nd / 3rd party audits
Quality control

Fully equipped to perform all required tests and verification activities

Traditional Inspection

Our dedicated Inspection team conduct independent in process and final inspection on all products to assure continued compliance and assure the capability of our manufacturing processes.

Dye Penetrant Testing

Our Nadcap certified Dye Penetrant Inspection capability benefits from highly trained and experienced technicians and continued investment in capital equipment to support our range of products.


We have a broad range of manufacturer supported co-ordinate measuring equipment to support our metrology needs both for new product development and production requirements.


Our X-Ray facility is Nadcap certified with 2 bays lead by a dedicated team of Level 2 and 3 personnel who can offer a full range of techniques to support our products and customers.

Leak & Pressure Testing

We have a full range of development and production testing equipment to assure our products satisfy our customer specifications.

Metallurgical Laboratory

Samples of our products/processes are continually taken for cut-up and microscopic examination in our in-house laboratory to support production output.

Our values – We Values

We have a clear set of values, created by our employees, that support the business to deliver its goals, whilst supporting and maintaining an engaged workforce

We deliver quality throughout

We take real pride in our work and work together to keep our standards high. Every member of the team is responsible and accountable, and works hard for each other, doing our very best to get the best results.

We respect each other

We aim for 100% satisfaction, achieved through our extensive knowledge, experience and thorough understanding of a customer’s requirements. Our scorecards, ratings and general feedback highlight our trusted partner status.

We are honest

We always keep to our word, honouring our promises and existing agreements. Trust and diligence are crucial to our business, and we pride ourselves on being consistently dependable and reliable. Constructive feedback is always encouraged and respected.

We work together

We value everyone’s skills and unique experiences, listening closely to what they have to offer. We involve and engage the right people at the right time, and are always willing to learn from each other, giving credit when it’s due. By working together and sharing ideas, we can solve problems more quickly and effectively.