About Senior PLC


As an international design and manufacturing Group, Senior PLC has continuously advanced to meet world-wide demand by creating, acquiring and growing additional businesses spanning several industrial sectors.

Currently, Senior PLC has 34 facilities that cater to these industrial sectors in over 14 countries. These businesses are aligned to one of the two Divisions, which shape Senior PLC: namely, Aerospace and Flexonics. The businesses are organized as independent Profit & Loss entities to ensure a strong focus on growth through efficient and effective performance throughout the whole organization.

The Divisions excel in several markets: Aerospace, Defence, Land Vehicle, and Energy. From continuous growth in these sectors, Senior PLC has expanded and increased its offerings to satisfy their customers’ demands. Senior PLC optimizes customer value and exceeds expectations by utilizing its expertise in bespoke engineering solutions. Senior PLC is integral in bringing technologically advanced intellectual property to work for its customers. These key differentiators are how Senior PLC maintains long standing relationships with current customers and how the group succeeds in adding new customers to its diverse and expanding portfolio.